Participants are travelling!

Scots and Englishmen have crossed the channel.

One Dutch are already in Sweden.

Finns are in the line to the ferry.

Danish car are filling up.

Some of the Germans are already in Sweden and more to follow.

Belgians have left home.

Swedes all over Sweden are peparing their cars.

We are all excited to see you all!

And you who havent decided to go yet, pack your bags and get over to High Chaparral!


So is there any program for the weekend?

No, there is no final program yet, we will find out what to fill out the time with together with you when we get there! Bring ideas for the games and fun!

But we do have a rough plan:
-some of the participants arrive and enjoy themselves
-drink til dawn?!

-most of the participants arrive
-during the day most of the families with kids(or we adults who still are kids!) will do the Western town, others may relax with a beer, go for a swim in a nearby lake, go for a ride on a historical interesting road, visit the museum, visit a national park called Store Mosse (big bog), or what ever.
-during late afternoon/early evening(17.00ish) we gather at the camp for some games and fun.
-later on(20.00ish) we bring our own stuff to BBQ at the campsite, some may choose a late meal at one of the restaurants by the Western Town(?)
-drink til dawn?!

-more participants arrive
-morning swim in a nearby lake?
-during the day once again most of the families with kids will do the western town, others may relax with a beer, go for a swim in a nearby lake, go for a ride on a historical interesting road, visit a nearby Motor museum, visit a national park called Store Mosse (big bog) or what ever.
-during late afternoon/early evening(17.00ish) we once again gather at the camp for some games and fun.
-later on(20.00ish) we bring our own stuff to BBQ at the campsite, some may choose a late meal at one of the restaurants by the Western Town(?)
-drink til dawn?

-most participants will probably leavy early
-remaining participants can relax on the campsite, visit the wester town or go for a drive in the area.

But remember, nice people and beer can make the plan take new forms!


The place and a map

Map of the area.

The IMM95Reunion camp will be at the far end of campsite, by the Wild Horse. The simpler cabins/campingstugor are located in the middle of the campsite. The more fancy cabins/cottages and the hotel are located close to the entrace

There are some restaurants outside the entrance as well inside the western town.

Closest grocery store is about 8 km away, supermarket within 15 km.



Some info in english

Upcoming meeting
7-9 August, IMM95Reunion, High Chaparral

It started as an idea some years ago, got clearer last year and is now realised. A reunion for the most enthusiastic IMM95 participants and other nice people.

IMM95-International Mini Meeting 1995 was arranged during whitsun 1995 at High Chaparral in darkest Småland, Sweden .

Information about the Reunion has until now been spread by mouth-to-mouth method among the ones going to Imm every year, the ones visiting IMM 95 and the ones visiting the summer sessions that followed some years after. That is a bunch of swedes and a lot of Europeans.

Information about IMM95Reunion can be found on following adresses:

Spread the word and addresses, the interested people checks out the links and signs up for the meeting by booking the campsite.

Today there are bookings from Finland, Germany, Holland, England, Ireland and Sweden. We don’t know exactly as they are booking directly with High Chaparral and not everyone has sent a note to the hosts. We’ll see who is showing up!

Read info on the links.
Book the campsite and mention “Mini Meeting 2015″
Get there
Have fun!

See you there?!”

Lite info på svenska

7-9 augusti, IMM95Reunion, High Chaparral

Det började som en idé för något år sedan, blev klarare under förra året och har under detta år kommit till livs:
En återträff för de mest entusiastiska deltagarna på IMM95 och andra trevliga personer, IMM95Reunion!

IMM95-International Mini Meeting 1995 arrangerades som ni vet under pingsthelgen 1995 på High Chaparral i mörkaste Småland, Sverige.

Info om Reunionträffen har hittills mest spridits med “mun till mun”-metoden bland de som åker på IMM varje år, de som var på IMM95 och de som var på de Summer Sessions som följde några år efteråt på High Chaparral, dvs ett gäng svenskar och en hel del utlänningar.

Information om IMM95Reunion ligger uppe på följande adresser:

Sprid ordet och adresserna, de som är intresserade kollar in länkarna och anmäler sig om de känner att de passar in i klientelet.

Det finns i dagsläget bokningar från Finland, Tyskland, Holland, England, Irland och Sverige. Vet ej exakt då de bokar direkt på High Chaparral och alla har ej meddelat arrangörerna. Vi får se vilka som dyker upp.
Smiley smile

Läs lite info på länkarna ovan.
Boka en plats på High Chaparrals camping och nämn “Mini Meeting 2015″ så att vi hamnar ihop.
Kom dit på något sätt, koja, båt, buss, tåg, till fots….
Ha kul!

Vi ses väl där?!



Great to see you for the IMM95-Reunion at High Chaparral!

Mini people like simple things, and joining IMM95-Reunion cannot get simpler …

There is no fee for the meeting (but of course you are welcome to invite us for a beer :-) -you simply book your campsite stay at High Chaparral online booking page and select “Camping”

When you type “Mini Meeting 2015” in the Message/Comment field, at the end of the booking process, you secure a spot in our dedicated camping area.

Tickets to the western town will be slightly rebated on site, hence no need to buy online.

Please give us a shout to confirm that you are coming.



As we collectively have a vast knowledge of all possible/impossible IMM tricks, we will together create the agenda live.

Simply get yourself over here  … with this crowd … 100% satisfaction is guaranteed!


Most Welcome to IMM95-Reunion!

Calle Berntsson & Micke Pettersson

Organizers of IMM95 and IMM95-Reunion

IMM95 reunion!

It´s 2015 och a whopping 20 years has passed since the big event in Sweden.
“What big event?”, you might ask and then you realise that 20 years ago there was a great Mini meeting in Sweden, IMM95!

It´s time to meet up again for a reunion of the most enthusiastic participants and other nice people.
And the venue is of course once again High Chaparral, the western town in the deep woods in southeast of Sweden.

Prepare a vehicle, book a flight, get on a train, catch the ferry, shine up your hiking boots, all means are allowed. Life has evolved for most people and some of us might be out of the Mini sphere since a while back so ther might be a risk that there is no Mini your posession anymore?! Doesn´t matter, just get over here!

We might not reach 600 vehicles as on IMM95 but we are aiming for 50-100 vehicles and peoplewise that might be 100-200 persons in mixed ages and gender. Some of us will bring the family, others are going by themselves.

So book up August 7-9, 2015 for a weekend of fun stuff, relaxed conversations, bbq, drinks, swim in the nearby lakes and some shooting in the western town!

We will shortly be back with details how to book and pay the camping at High Chaparral!

Best regards
Calle Berntsson and Micke Pettersson
Organisers of IMM95 and IMM95-reunion