It´s 2015 och a whopping 20 years has passed since the big event in Sweden.

“What big event?”, you might ask and then you realise that 20 years ago there was a great Mini meeting in Sweden, IMM95!

It´s time to meet up again for a reunion of the most enthusiastic participants.

And the venue is of course once again High Chaparral, the western town in the deep woods in southeast of Sweden.

Prepare a vehicle, book a flight, get on a train, catch the ferry, shine up your hiking boots, all means are allowed. Life has evolved for most people and some of us might be out of the Mini sphere since a while back so ther might be a risk that there is no Mini your posession anymore?! Doesn´t matter, just get over here!

We might not reach 600 vehicles as on IMM95 but we are aiming for 50-100 vehicles and peoplewise thet might be 100-200 persons in mixed ages and gender. Some of us will bring the family, others are going by themselves.

So book up August 7-9, 2015 for a weekend of fun stuff, relaxed conversations, bbq, drinks, swim in the nearby lakes and some shooting in the western town!

We will shortly be back with details how to book and pay the camping at High Chaparral!

Best regards

Calle Berntsson and Micke Pettersson

Organisers of IMM95 and IMM95-reunion

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi guys,
    I have unfortunately not been to IMM95, I missed it just…
    but heard the stories, saw the pics, felt the spirit and was glad to join the national meeting at High Chaparell later on.
    That reunion is a MARVELLOUS idea and I want to come for sure!!!
    Thank you Mikke for the invitation!!!
    Looking forward to seeing you again in Sweden!!!

  2. Moin Calle ! Long time no hear, long time no see ! Great idea ! 20 years IMM Sweden ! Unfortunatly I cannot make it, but be sure that I will be there for the 30th !!

    Have a nice day !
    Nikolas, Mini Löwen Braunschweig, Germany !

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