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Upcoming meeting
7-9 August, IMM95Reunion, High Chaparral

It started as an idea some years ago, got clearer last year and is now realised. A reunion for the most enthusiastic IMM95 participants and other nice people.

IMM95-International Mini Meeting 1995 was arranged during whitsun 1995 at High Chaparral in darkest Småland, Sweden .

Information about the Reunion has until now been spread by mouth-to-mouth method among the ones going to Imm every year, the ones visiting IMM 95 and the ones visiting the summer sessions that followed some years after. That is a bunch of swedes and a lot of Europeans.

Information about IMM95Reunion can be found on following adresses:

Spread the word and addresses, the interested people checks out the links and signs up for the meeting by booking the campsite.

Today there are bookings from Finland, Germany, Holland, England, Ireland and Sweden. We don’t know exactly as they are booking directly with High Chaparral and not everyone has sent a note to the hosts. We’ll see who is showing up!

Read info on the links.
Book the campsite and mention “Mini Meeting 2015″
Get there
Have fun!

See you there?!”